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Detox inner bliss basingstoke

January is usually the time when we all promise ourselves it’s a New Year and a New You. Thousands of us will embark on a new diet, weight loss attempt, a new gym class and a new healthy regime.

Its not surprising that there is a sudden influx in the amount of clients seeking out Inner Bliss Basingstoke’s detox massage.

Thankfully this massage is popular all year round, however in January it does receive a huge amount of extra interest!

There are 3 elements to our detox massage:

  1. dry body brushing
  2. detox oils
  3. massage and lymphatic drainage

Dry body brushing:

bodybrush inner bliss basingstoke
Using a natural cactus bristle brush (it’s soft, don’t worry), your entire skin is literally brushed free of impurities. This is an effective and powerful detoxification aid. Not only does it give your softer skin, it helps improve the look and tone of our skin whilst helping to banish cellulite.  On the inside it gets everything woken up – from your blood pumping, circulation stirring, and toxins being flushed out.

Aroma Detox oils:

After the body is brushed, I create a detox oil to massage with. I usually use a combination of 3-4 different oils for the detox, selecting the essential oils that the client would most benefit from.
Essential oils have powerful properties and further assist in a detox process, Oils can help cleanse the liver, reduce cellulite, aid digestion and bloating. Some oils I like to use are lemon, juniper berry, ginger, mandarin, cypress, fennel and lavender.

Massage & lymphatic drainage:

Usually the detox massage is of fairly firm pressure, however it doesn’t have to be that way, as even gentle strokes can help flush out the toxins, bacteria and waste products that accumulate in the body. Massage greatly improves your overall health and wellbeing, as when toxins are removed from your body it helps strengthen your immune system. The other main benefits are: healing, detoxification, improved circulation, improved skin tone, reduces swelling and oedema, and rids the body of excess water.
But don’t just take my word for it, here is a recent review of how a client found her last detox massage this week:
from having my massage last night I feel better inside and out my replacement knee operation 6 months ago left me with numbness where nerve endings etc haven’t yet recovered however today I felt for the 1st time in a while my knee and surrounding area… I thank you as now I feel operation was a success and onwards and upwards x x
Powerful stuff!
So if you have promised yourself the ‘new year, new you’ or you just need to kick start your body, the detox massage may be a step in the right direction!
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