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eyelash guide

Eyelash Extension Guide

Inner Bliss Basingstoke’s eyelash extension guide for all you need to know on how to prepare and maintain your gorgeous new eyelashes!

The basics

  1. We cannot apply or remove another eyelash technicians work. Please only book for an appointment when you have no false lashes left on.
  2. If you haven’t had eyelash extensions before, you will be asked to attend a patch test first. This is to check you have no allergies to any of the products that may be used. When you attend this appointment please do not have any mascara on.
  3. Please only attend your appointment with CLEAN lashes. This means lashes that are free from any makeup whatsoever – yes none at all. Lashes must also be free from any moisturisers, creams or anything that can create a barrier and prevent the lash glue working. Do not use any wet wipes to clean the makeup off your eyes- facewipes/wetwipes of any kind leave a greasy residue and will prevent the lashes from bonding correctly. Its advisable you come with a freshly washed face (soap and water only) for every appointment – patch test, first appointment and for every infill appointment.
  4. Please attend these appointments on your own. Eyelash extension application is not a spectator sport. During the process very sharp metal instruments are used millimetres from your eyes. This requires the utmost concentration and its vital there are no distractions from friends, children etc.
  5. When you come along for your lashes you will fill in a health questionnaire, we will discuss the look your require, your lashes will be measured and the correct safe lengths and weights chosen to suit. Please advise of any medical problems, especially advise if you are taking thyroid medication as this can result in faster loss of lashes.
  6. Relax, close your eyes and enjoy your treatment. During the process I wont speak much as talking can both slow the process and also eyes and expressions can move hindering the application.

Wakey wakey your lashes are on and looking fab!!

Aftercare is very simple, and if followed your lashes will be an easy part of your life. Eyelash extensions are fairly low maintenance and if the guidance is followed you should encounter no side affects.

Aftercare Advice

  1. In the first 24-48hrs you must avoid- washing the lashes, hot baths, saunas, swimming, steam rooms etc. Your lashes are not waterproof until after this time. You can wash around them carefully, but excess water must be avoided.
  2. After this time lashes MUST be washed every day. You will be shown briefly how to wash your lashes using your fingers around the eyes and lash line – Top of the eyelid. You must use only soap and water on the lashes or cleansing face wash. Baby shampoo is recommended as a low cost solution to keeping lashes clean, as it wont sting the eyes. There are other more expensive products on the market for lash extensions so feel free to ask for more info on those. Wash the lashes through to the ends, rinse off and pat dry. Brush back into place and you are ready to go!
  3. Lashes must only be washed with the products stated above. If you use wet wipes/face wipes of any kind then your lashes will start to become a problem. Wet wipes do not clean correctly they rather move dirt and oils around than get rid of it.
  4. As well as wetwipes here are other products that must be avoided at all costs: cotton wool/buds. Oil based products, waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. Hard to remove makeup will certainly be the end of your lashes. When lashes are left with a build up of makeup they will become clogged, itchy and sore and once they shed they will take your own lashes also. The extra weight of all the old makeup can be the death of your own natural lash. If you have to wear makeup then it should not be a problem if you wash it all off properly every night. Please however avoid mascaras and even more so if you have volume lashes applied. Mascara closes over volume lashes and destroys them very quickly.
  5. Do not be afraid of washing and brushing your lashes. The odd one may come off. However they are designed to shed. At your appointment around 100 false lashes will be applied, so losing the odd one or two here and there is nothing. Natural lashes have a cycle of growth and they continually grow and shed all the time. In the months of April and September when there are environmental changes to the climate your lashes may shed faster. This process will be largely unnoticeable to you.
  6. Infill appointments are recommended for 2 reasons. Firstly so we can check everything is safe and remove any overgrown ones. Secondly to help you maintain the look of them. Gaps aren’t pretty and therefore infills should be booked 3 weekly. We say 3 weeks as the glue bond is designed to last from 3-5 weeks. These infill appointments should be booked in advance to keep on top of them.
  7. At the infill appointments the same rules apply to cleanliness. If you attend your infill appointment covered in mascara then you will be sent away. Lashes need to be perfectly clean, to allow the false lash glue to bond onto them correctly. If there is dirt and oil on them, your infills will likely be a complete waste of time and money. You wouldn’t go to the dentist with dirty teeth so please, for your own benefit – don’t visit your lash technician with dirty lashes!

Lash complications

Unfortunately if aftercare advice has been ignored, then problems can and will occur. From the slightest side affects of itchiness, discomfort and fast shedding lashes, to natural lash loss, pain, and then the worst side effect of all – bacterial infections. Its important to remember that your natural lashes cannot cleanse themselves, and with an added extension on you really need to make sure they are as clean as they can be. Extra length and thickness also equates to more dust dirt and daily oils building up. If your eye infection turns into Blepharitis (NHS info in the link) there is no cure for this and this will most certainly be the end of your lash extension wearing days.

Behind the scenes

Each time that you attend for your lashes it is my responsibility to check your lash health. Its my job to monitor how well your natural lashes are coping. I may recommend a lash break from time to time, and if I do so please be rest assured that I recommend this only in the best interest to you. Following this advice will keep your own lashes in the best condition possible. I may also remind you of your lash hygiene. During the process of application we are up close and personal with your lashes, we can tell which side you sleep on, if you have been wearing mascara, if you are a smoker, if you have been in a dusty environment/decorating at the weekends, if you have just used a wet wipe before coming in – everything and anything that can cause problems for your treatment.
A good lash technician should always be on the look out for you, and never perform a treatment that could harm your natural lashes. Your well-being against looking good should never be compromised, and at Inner Bliss Basingstoke, I will always be honest about these aspects of your eye health and appearance.

Follow the Inner Bliss eyelash extension guide, and you can be assured of fabulous eyes.