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Searching for an eyelash technician? Had a previous bad eyelashes experience, or been unable to find a treatment that lives up to your expectations?

With the eyelash industry booming at the moment, and with false lashes being so in demand, it is of no surprise to see a sudden influx in the amount of ‘therapists’ offering this service.
However is it important to remember when shopping around that not all ‘therapists’ have had the same training, experience, natural ability, patience and sometimes not even the professional equipment. Even more worrying some have no insurance or professional certification to even offer these treatments.

A little background on eyelashes:

I have been trained in eyelash extension application for about 5 years now. In the beginning I remember how hard it was to actually apply the lashes. It probably took around 6 months to 1 year before I actually felt confident in my ability. I remember my lashes being a little cheaper in the beginning and offering a free initial infill appointment. This was to both give my clients a better value for money service and to enable me to educate myself more and be in continual training of my application techniques.
This is a before and after picture of Individual lashes from 2012 and a picture of one of my most recent sets:

inner bliss first individual lashes inner bliss recent individual lashes

As you can see my work has vastly improved over time. As with anything, more experience brings you better results.
In 2013 I decided to train in advanced lash techniques. Russian Volume lashes. A completely different skill which brought me back to square one in my ability. Handcrafting delicate and super light weight lashes into the shape of a fan is highly intricate, and a technique that can take technicians months, years even, to master. This is a before and after picture of volume lashes, from my very first set to my most recent work:

inner bliss first volume eyelashes lashes inner bliss recent volume eyelashes lashes

Again the difference is evident, but I am not afraid to say that I am still educating myself with this skill. Every time I lash its an education, a learning curve and a journey. Sadly though for some therapists, they have decided to skip the journey, and the real hard work.

The ugly Truth:

I am not in the business of ‘naming and shaming’, but it frustrates and disappoints me when clients come to me to repair other salon’s eyelash work.

Here is an example of what a local salon called Russian Volume lashes:

damaged eyelashes lashes

Whoever applied these so called lashes has obviously had zero training, zero lash knowledge and zero care for the client. This lady was left in pain, and with the ugliest lashes to boot!

karleys damaged eyelashes lashes

Again applied locally. This lady contacted me to remove these lashes. Right away I could see why she needed them gone asap. Scratchy and painful the lashes were applied far too close to her eyelid skin. On removal there are a few more nasty surprises: far too much glue – see how its actually wider than the lash itself – OUCH! There has been poor isolation work on some of the extensions, which has trapped two hairs together. The lashes themselves are of a poor quality, and the poor techniques here have left the client’s natural lashes broken and damaged.

jades damaged eyelashes lashes

The damage that this technician has caused this lady is evident. Poor techniques which have left her own natural lashes in bald spots.

Unfortunately these aren’t the only bad lashes that I have come across, but by writing this blog and hopefully raising awareness, it helps future people from falling into these bad lash traps.

Avoiding the pitfalls

Sometime spotting bad techniques is difficult. This is especially true if someone promotes their work with false images they found online. Its important you view pictures of their own work. Here is a list of things you are looking for :

1) The clients eyes are red, swollen and sore looking
2) Visible chunks of glue.
3) All eyelashes are the one length
4) Lashes have been missed at the inner and outer corners. Lashes are half complete.
5) Lashed do not sit ‘right’. Either jutting out from the eyes or squint and straggly. Or just too long a length for the natural lash to hold. Poor application.
6) Every clients lashes look the same. Poor skills and design.
7) Lashes are clumped together.
8) If you are already at your appointment and the lashes feel sore, painful sharp against your skin. Then save yourself a few days of pain and discomfort by asking that the eyelashes are removed then and there. You should feel no pain in the application process. That is not normal and nor will it settle down. It is poor technique, and eyelashes that are applied far too close to the very thin and sensitive skin on your eyelids.
9) Look out for technicians offering a set of lashes in under 40mins. Speed is something to avoid. A safe and comfortable lash experience will take no less than 80-90mins. Any less time spent, and there is no guarantee your lashes have been applied and isolated safely. A good long lasting set of lashes takes time.
10) If you turn up to the appointment and the therapists doesn’t even have a beauty couch for you to lie comfortably on. If the basics are missing then what vital things to ensure your lash health are they also missing?

In Summary:

Be vigilant, get recommendations, ask to see training and insurance certificates if you have to. This is a treatment for your eyes, which should go without saying are a vital part of your anatomy. The hair of which is necessary to protect your eyes from harm. Why pay someone to damage them? Expect to invest time and money on your treatment, and you will have the real beautiful and pain free outcome that you deserve.

The good news:

Eyelash extensions if applied correctly are one of the most enjoyable and beautiful treatments that you will fall in love with. They are, in the right hands, extremely safe to wear every day of your life. Which is a good thing as due to their beauty they are highly addictive!
This is a picture of my one of my clients who has been having lashes continually for 4 years

inner bliss eyelashes danni
This clients natural lashes are as healthy and strong as the very first day we did them.

I always say it but I will say it again. Eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes – but an under educated, under skilled therapist most certainly will!

Laura x