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Home / Blog / Lash extension length. Just how long is too long?

When booking in for your new eyelash extensions at Inner Bliss, I will always ask you about the desired look that you are hoping to achieve.
The answers are usually always the same; simply put – longer or fuller. Sometimes people will know about different specific looks – such as cats eye or kitten eye looks, but I will cover these in a future blog.

Full eyelashes are always achievable, and with volume lash techniques it’s never been easier.
Longer lashes will come naturally with this treatment, however how ‘long’ you are looking for is something that has to considered very carefully, to ensure a happy and comfortable experience.

All to often I see pictures of therapists promoting lashes that look like this:

eyelash extensions that are too long
Can you spot whats wrong here?

This is an example of poor lash skills. No consideration for the client has been taken into account here, as the lengths chosen are far too long for the underlying natural lashes.

Here is a list of side effects that will often occur following a treatment like this example:

  1. Due to no solid structure underneath, the false lash will quickly bend and twist. This will happen after a few days, potentially causing discomfort and serious danger to the eye if the extensions poke inwards.
    The overall look of the extensions may quickly become ugly.bended twisted bad lashes
  2. Since there is a lack of solid foundation to bond onto, the extensions will shed very fast – usually only lasting around 10 days. This could make your treatment a complete waste of time and money.
  3. Trying to make such long extensions adhere to such small natural lashes will take a lot of glue. Excess glue is seriously nasty. Blobs of glue can be an irritant when it rubs against your eyelids; and due to the volume of glue used its likely surrounding lashes will become incorrectly attached. When lashes are all glued up together this can be the most painful and irritating thing to encounter. But more seriously it can cause the important hair follicles to become blocked, leading to lasting damage.
  4. The look of eyelash extensions like these are just seriously unnatural and will quickly look like spiders legs. Very ghastly and unappealing. A look that no one would pay for.spider leg bad lashes
  5. Pain. I have said it already but the wrong lengths used in inner and outer corners will be painful, jaggy and annoying. Pain from glue , pain from excess weight on your eyelid. Pain so annoying that the need to want to remove the lashes can drive you to distraction and possibly further damage if you do claw them out!
  6. Once these extensions shed the damage to the natural lashes will be evident. Lashes will be very thin and appear shorter. This will be the case if they are broken and snapped from the heavy extensions and possibly gaps in the lash line will be evident. If the extensions have caused your own lash to fall off prematurely then the missing lashes may never regrow. Again leaving you with lasting damage.



At Inner Bliss before your treatment is carried out your lashes are measured and assessed and only lengths, shapes and weights of extensions are used that mimic and enhance what you have naturally. We don’t all have the same lashes, therefore careful consideration must be taken for all individuals – no two sets of lash extensions applied at Inner Bliss will ever look the same!

inner bliss excellent quality lashes

Above is an example of lashes performed at Inner Bliss. Remember the first example photo? This client’s natural lashes are just as short as that original example. It would be unsafe to use anything over a 10mm length on lashes that are this short. Here I have used 7, 8.9 and 10mm. In the pictures at the top of the blog, the lengths used are around 14mm – crazily more than double the natural length. Very dangerous!

Using correct lash lengths will always mean a safe, comfortable, natural look – and will last well for the client. Natural lashes and eye health should never ever be compromised.

Please be mindful of this when shopping around for a lash technician, and be aware that not everyone has had the same training, experience or even common sense. Please look at pictures of their work, and be vigilant in avoiding these bad lash techniques.

At Inner Bliss, we believe in openness and honesty, we will not compromise your health and beauty when we work on your eyelash extensions or any other treatment.