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Hollywood eyelashes continue to be one of the most popular beauty treatments available from Inner Bliss Basingstoke

The benefits and the look of these lashes are hard to resist. The time saving practicalities of no longer needing to apply mascara everyday; these lashes extend your own natural lashes to a thicker, fuller, darker, and stunning look that will exceed your expectations.

Inner Bliss use 100% reputed and tested lashes and glue. Lashes are weightless and mimicked on your own lash shape and material. Lashes can come in a variety of lengths and thickness, so you can be as demure or as glamorous as you dare!
If cared for correctly, lashes can last from 4-8 weeks, however infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep lashes in tip top condition

**Lash technician skills can result in being anywhere from bitterly disappointed to exceeding your expectations. Because this treatment is as much an art form as it is a technical skill, it takes time to perfect and lots of experience to bring out the creative flair. If using a therapist who is not expertly trained this can result in extensions failing to bond correctly (i.e. lashes that do not last).
It may lead to having too much glue near your eyes that can cause eye irritation, and serious temporary damage to your natural lashes or eyes. Inner Bliss have been fully qualified since summer 2011 and are highly experienced and reputed, for a long lasting beautiful safe lash experience.**

Full set (approx 90mins)


Lash infills (Max 40mins)


Lash infils (Max 1hr)


2D-6D Volume Lash Extensions

After offering individual eyelash extensions for the past 3 years I have now taken this treatment to a whole new level, successfully training in the art of 2D-6D Volume lash techniques.

These lashes are the Ultimate fantasy lashes that will transform your eyes beyond all your expectations.

Unlike individual extensions Volume lashes are applied using a different method, literally volumising one single lash up to 6 times more.

2D Lashes are extended by 2 extensions on each lash

3D Lashes are extended by 3 extensions on each lash
and so on up to an amazing 6D !

The level of volume possible is depended on your own lashes and how many your own lashes can safely wear. These lashes are safe, long lasting and incredibly durable lasting approx one full month.


Volume Lash pricelist:

Based on hourly application approx 3hrs

(80% lashes will be extended from 2D-6D Depending on your own lashes)


4hrs application time, 100% lashes will be extended


For a gallery of volume lashes please see Inner Bliss on facebook.

Deposits and patch test are required upon booking for any of these treatments.

Deposit is £25. Please allow for 3-4 hours application time.

Advance bookings are advised to secure the date and time you require.

Please note the last evening appointment offered for these lashes is 6pm.

Tints + Perms + Lifts

Lash perms and lifts are making a huge comeback! A fabulous alternative to lash extensions a treatment that offers a more demure natural yet pretty look.

Lash perms will permanently curl the eyelashes upward. This creates a look of youth and eliminates the need for daily eyelash curling. The eyes will appear more open and full of volume – coupled with an eyelash tint will give your eyes an instant beautiful makeover. Throw away the mascara and curlers for as long as 8 weeks!

Eyelash tint


Eyebrow tint


Eyebrow wax + tint


Celebrity Eyebrows


(wax, tint, shape, tweeze and define with make-up   application)

Eyelash perm


Eyelash lift


Eyelash perm + tint


All of the above treatments


 Celebrity brows

Inner Bliss offer an alternative to the widely popular HD BROWS. This treatment gives you instant Wow factor brows that are bang on trend.

Includes waxing, tweezing, shaping, cutting , tinting and 24hr makeup coverage – a 6 step treatment that gives you the brows that you have always wanted.

This treatment takes around 30mins and helps you find out some hints and tips about makeup applications, products etc.