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This is first blog post so its probably fitting that I write about myself and the story of Inner Bliss.

When new clients come for a treatment for the first time, the conversation is usually much the same, with clients having an interest in how long I’ve been a therapist and how I started and such like. So here is a little background and a little insight into Inner Bliss Basingstoke’s story.

Goa Story

Inner Bliss origin story in goa

My first massage experience was on a beach in Goa. I was 22. An old lady approached me and asked if I would like a massage. I had previously turned away loads of others asking the same thing. But this lady (who was probably not younger than 80) had something about her that made me get up and follow her to a shaded bed, and let her work her magic. I will never forget that treatment. For all her years she was amazing. Her hands were rough and dry but strong and knowing. She used coconut oil, and I relaxed with the cool breeze and the sound of the Indian Ocean’s waves crashing on the beach a few metres away. It was Bliss!
Fast forward to 2010, at a time in my life where I was searching for what I wanted to do with my life, and for what would make me happy. 6 years later I found my love for massage all over again.


Applying for a course in holistic, aromatherapy and Swedish massage is where I found my happiness.
When I asked myself what I would be good at, and what I would enjoy the answer was simple. Making people look and feel good. I had done it for years without evening knowing it to be true. Applying friends makeup and nails, and wanting to pamper others. I remember forcing my dad to have a pedicure once – much to his disdain!
I could only hope that I would be good enough, as the holistic lecturer we had was amazing! I was learning with the best.
The course changed my life, my thinking, my focus and everything that comes with it for the better. They taught me about a holistic approach to healing the mind, the body, and the soul as one entity. Truly inspiring.
At the end of the massage exams my teacher was giving me feedback, and she told me that the minute I laid my hands on her she just knew it was me. That I had such a unique touch, a special talent, and that I really must start to believe in myself. To have someone you hold in such high regard give you that kind of feedback made my heart swell. From that day forward I did believe.


Over the 4 and half years of running Inner Bliss Basingstoke, I have heard it many times: miracle worker, healer, magic hands, gifted, and lots of other amazing compliments. Each time I hear one, it’s just as special as the first time.
For me the ultimate massage experience is so much more than just about the touch. Like in Goa for example it was lots of different elements in making that perfect massage moment.
From the music, the atmosphere, the smell, the warmth, the pressure of the massage to even the oils that you can select to be massaged with.


At Inner Bliss I always aim to give my clients the best massage experience they can hope for. It’s about listening to what clients need, what they want, reading their body, understanding and unblocking the energy pathway.
Clearing out the aches and pains, healing the ailments and the busy mind – its about calm, relaxation, health happiness and complete head to toe; mind, body, and soul recuperation.
Showing clients that inner bliss does exist, and I aim to ensure you find it.


  1. Well done Laura, loved your story, you are an amazing lady with a natural talent. good luck! I will be booking in with you very soon. Claire X

  2. As I said earlier tonight when I message you .. from having my massage last night I feel better inside and out my replacement knee operation 6 months ago left me with numbness where nerve endings etc haven’t yet recovered however today I felt for the 1st time in a while my knee and surrounding area… no more “no feeling” magic hands definitely is how I see and feel it today oh and spooky that as I write you write too…. I thank you as now I feel operation was a success and onwards and upwards x x

    • I am so glad your knee is better and your circulation has improved after your massage! The wonders of natural therapy! Thanks so much for your feedback!