Our Journey Begins Here

Inner bliss was founded by Laura in 2011. Having graduated a holistic therapist, tutors advised her that she had the natural touch, with healing hands & had found her calling in life. Laura was keen to share her love & passion for massage and aromatherapy, so set out to offer the most relaxing & unique massage experience.


On her new found path Laura's clients were asking for additional treatments so she decided to expand into other areas whilst still maintaining her holistic roots. Eyelash extensions were relatively new in the market back in 2011, and at the time Laura had no idea that taking this route would catapult her forward in the beauty industry too. Having a natural flair for lashes and the ability to create such a peaceful and relaxing treatment experience, she is able to combine both her beauty treatments and holistic approach into one perfect experience for her customers. 


Laura continues to expand on her lash skills and is honoured to have had the best training with some of the lash industries top companies such as Flawless Lashes by Loretta (Russian volume private course) and lashboxla (Mega volume course). With this training and experience Laura brings expert precision application, diligence and client care. 


The name inner bliss is so important as feeling calm relaxed and revitalised in the inside is just as important as looking beautiful on the outside. Laura can help you look and feel both.