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Surprisingly, even though it's now the year 2020, there are still people out there who have never had a massage treatment!

I am always blown away by this revelation as massage is the absolute best thing in the world for when you just need to relax, but it can also be so much more than just that.

It's time to find out what all the fuss is about!

inner bliss completed 2 years training in massage therapy. Not just your average day course but 2 years training in aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, sports massage, physiology, anatomy and more. The treatments I offer are in-depth, well skilled, highly therapeutic and pleasurable. Above all the treatments are all tailor made for you each and every time.

The most popular massages I offer are:

Aromatherapy, my signature massage, the life saving back massage and hot-stone massage.

Details of all the top massages are listed below in a handy summary for all you new or long-time returning customers.


This is the perfect massage for beginners. Typically the pressure is more gentle to medium and the moves are very slow, rhythmical and deeply relaxing. As a trained Aromatherapist I am able to blend essential oils to further enhance your treatment.

Aromatherapy oils can be used to aid many disorders such as sleep problems, depression, anxiety, grief and can aid digestion, detox and muscular aches and pains, plus lots lots more. Essential oils are a natural remedy and have been used for thousands of years. Picking your own oils can feel like so much more of a treat too! So much better than pre blended oils or not knowing what a therapist is using on you.

Aromatherapy massages start at just £30

Signature Massage:

The inner bliss Signature massage takes all the best elements of an aromatherapy and a deep tissue (Swedish ) massage into 1. This is perfect if you have areas of tension but just need to relax too. Deep pressure will be applied to release knots and tension and relaxing moves everywhere else. The perfect combo. Recommended for tension around your upper back, neck and shoulders. 

Signature massages starts from £35

Hot-stone massage:

Often depicted in images with hot-stones just placed on various parts of the body but this is somewhat untrue. Warm basalt stones heated to around 32 degrees are held in the therapists hands throughout the massage.

As they move around your body the heat transcends deep into the muscle layers. Its soothing, warming and brings your relaxation to a different level. A huge favourite in the winter months. Recommended for stress. 

Hot-stones starts from £40

Life saving back massage:

If it's just your back that is need of a massage and it really needs help then this 3 in 1 massage has been designed with you in mind. It incorporates all the massage techniques above and is the Ultimate treat for your back!  Relax with aromatherapy, be soothed to sleep with hot-stones and have your knots in your shoulders and neck worked out with deep pressure movements. It really is a life saver. My best selling massage and all year round favourite.

60min treatment £50

What and how you feel  throughout and after your massage can depend on many different factors but rest assured you will definitely feel something! Here is some of the feedback my clients have given me:

'I felt like I was floating off the bed and being lifted into the air".
" I had such an emotional release that I broke down in my car afterwards and just let everything come out.. What a release" ... 
'I had the best nights sleep in years"
"You were so intuitive you knew exactly where to find all the knots, so amazing"

Part of my massage treatments is about finding where the blockages are within you, whether that's mentally or in the physical form of tension. Having these blockages addressed can create a cleared path for your energies to flow properly. This can bring many positive outcomes for you and can help rid you of negative energy and things you no longer need to carry around with you. This is where a massage becomes so much more.

As a trained holistic therapist we are guided on how to treat clients not only physically but as a mind body and soul. Seeing a holistic therapist will always bring you so much more than you were expecting as although the training will be of a much better quality, both emotionally and detailed therapy, the natural caring and inner healing qualities of a holistic therapist will always manifest themselves. 

Throughout any treatment here Inner bliss send you good vibes, good energy and good thoughts and well wishes for all your endeavours. This may mean you find good fortune, a new way of feeling about things, feeling uplifted and energised. You may sleep better, work better, lift better at the gym or just have clarity in your thoughts, and much, more, more. Anything is possible. 

If you want to try for yourself but are still unsure.  Perhaps you don't know how to prepare, what to wear, shave before hand etc... I hear all your worries.

Here are my best tips:

  • RELAX. Just breathe because you are in safe hands.

  • A bit of stubble on your legs hurt no-one! 

  • If you must shower before hand then great, but don't apply body moisturisers as they just affect the flow of the massage oils

  • Arrive on time, wear warm clothing for after as you will need it, switch your mobiles off as soon as you arrive and forget the world for a moment.

  • Think of only yourself and how much you need and deserve this. Because you do.

Try a massage for the first time throughout February and March and receive 20% off. 

Quote firsttimemassage when booking

Find your inner bliss. So much more than a massage.


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